Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Heartbeat

After spending the last week worrying myself sick that I have somehow suffocated the baby by the squashed positions I sit and sleep in (plus being paranoid about my stomach fat squashing bubba), I was sooooooooooo relieved to get the chance to hear the heartbeat today.

The midwife did the usual checks (blood pressure, urine, checked my notes etc) before getting me to lay down and have that lovely, cold gunk applied to the bottom of my tummy.

For about a minute she searched and searched near my groin for a heartbeat. The longer it took, the more nervous I got, and at one point I heard a beat, but she told me that was my own heartbeat.

Then after a bit more prodding and poking and a few deep, anxious breaths from me, we finally heard a really fast heartbeat, that kept going quiet because bubba was swimming all over the place!
After a few attempts, we got to hear a good few seconds of it, and the midwife reassured us that it was a nice, strong beat.

There are no more midwife appointments now until week 25 apparently, and my midwife announced she is also up the duff, and will be on maternity leave two months before I give birth :(

She is a lovely midwife, so it is a shame that I will lose her at the most important part of my pregnancy, but it is also nice to hear her own experiences, as this is her very first child too, and she looked just as scared as me!

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  1. Love your blog, sounds so similar to my pregnancy, I'm 12wk 5 days, still sick! anyway keep up the good work :)