Tuesday 21 May 2013

Is This The Cure For My Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

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I have reviewed a new oil that claims it can reduce stretch marks and scars, and potentially avoid more appearing during your pregnancy.

I have written it up on my parenting blog, so to read it click here.

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Friday 12 April 2013

Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist: The New Blog

I have finally gotten around to starting the next chapter of this blog, which I have called, 'Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist'.

This is a blog about my experiences and feelings of my life as a single parent to my beautiful little man, Chunk. I became a single parent when Chunk was 6 weeks old, and have done literally everything (financially, emotionally and practically) for him ever since, and am still alive to tell the tale!

Tuesday 20 November 2012


Hello all,
This post is to apologise for my laziness in actually completing the birth story still!
The main reason, is because my little man's dad walked out on us when he was 6 weeks old, to become a drug addict (it's like something out of Eastenders!) and he has not paid a single penny towards raising this beautiful boy.

We attempted supervised contact, but unfortunately, he was inconsistent, and even stole money from my purse, so I have removed him from his life altogether.

I know some people don't agree with the theory, but I truly believe if I have to be the sole parent, providing for this child emotionally, practically and financially, why should that man think he has the right to come in and see him when he wants but not take any responsibility?

Thursday 26 April 2012

He's Here!

Hi All,

Well what can I say? I have been absolutely rubbish in keeping this updated for the last month, because he is finally here and I have had no time to do anything apart from feed him, change him and wish I could get some sleep!

He arrived on 25th March at 6.20am, so was exactly one week late, and weighed 8lbs 13.
I will add the detailed labour story once I have time to sit down and concentrate.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Mother's Day,aka MY DUE DATE and he's still not here :(

Well today is officially my due date, and also Mothering Sunday.
I have been counting down to this day for 9 months now, and I cannot describe how gutted I am that he has not turned up.

It would have been the perfect very first Mother's Day gift: my first child.
What hasnt helped, is that I have stupidly believed that he would be earlier than his due date, because everyone around me for the last couple of months have said that there is no way I would get to the due date as he is way too big a baby!

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Midwife Appoinment: 39 Weeks

I had my week 39 midwife appointment yesterday, and it’s safe to say it scared the life out of me. It was the most beneficial appointment I have ever had, because for once it lasted more than 5 minutes and we got a lot of things done, but at the same time it has given me a lot to think about. I wish she had been my midwife a lot earlier on, as I might have got a lot more support!
Firstly, I am now officially a beached whale, and it is SO hard to try and do simple things, such as get off a chair, get in or out of bed and even bend over the sink to clean my teeth. I have had enough of being pregnant now, as I feel like I’m going to break anything I sit on and I just want to be able to roll around in my bed pain-free!

My Third Antenatal Class: Breastfeeding

This was the fun class where we had to bring in teddies to practice on. At first the midwife talked about the importance of breastfeeding, for both mum and baby, and she explained that we no longer have the natural instinct of how to breastfeed, due to evolution. She said that is why so many women struggle to do it these days, and that persistence is the key.
Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and osteoporosis for the mother, as well as suck her uterus back into place quicker and help burn 500 calories a day. It reduces the risks of asthma, other allergies and being overweight for the baby. It also contains all the correct nutrients the baby needs to set up their immune system.