Friday, 23 September 2011

The 12 Week Scan

I thought I would write about my first ever scan that took place a couple of weeks ago, as so far it has been the best experience of my rollercoaster pregnancy.

That particular day was my worst ever in terms of sickness, as from 6am to 2pm, I could not even keep down two sips of water and I felt so drained and unwell from the dehydration it was ridiculous. So it was not the start of the day that I had been dreaming about for the last 12 weeks!

However, with much encouragement from my lovely mother, she managed to get me out of my pit and to the hospital for my scan that afternoon, where the Bloke met us, probably ready-prepared for the mood I might have been in from my joyful morning experience.

Once we were in there it all seemed to happen so quickly. Mum and bloke sat in front of the TV screen, whilst the lady squirted cold cream onto my belly.
Within seconds there was an image of our bubba and immediately I felt so shocked and overwhelmed to see my baby for the very first time. I felt the Bloke breathe a sigh of relief when he saw just the one child, as mum had been trying to convince him for weeks that it was twins.

Our first pic of bubba 8.9.11

The baby seemed to be much more formed than I expected at twelve weeks, as I could see a lot of the facial features already. Whilst mum and Bloke commented on how the baby clearly already has bloke's huge conk, the scanning lady was rather snotty and just said "be quiet or you won't hear what I have to say".

A please wouldn't go a miss love, and nobody was even talking above her! Not the attitude I want on the most exciting day for me, and funnily enough according to other mothers in my area, this scanning lady is well known for being rude and even midwives have formally complained about her!

However, I wasn't going to let her spoil my day, and as she continued scanning, she explained she was going to measure the fluid behind the baby's neck as part of the Down's Syndrome test. Now already it is clear the baby definitely takes after me, as no matter what she did, the bugger wouldn't move so she could measure the fluid.

She made me cough a few times and at one point the baby just moved a hand as if to say,  "yeah whatever love, good luck getting me to move!"

Then she asked me to lift my bum in the air and swivel my hips from side to side to shake the baby up.
First try: baby did nothing.
Second try: baby turned and we saw it's butt crack, which again showed us it's views on what we were doing.
Third try: baby moved back into the original position. Definitely got the stubborn gene from daddy!
Then as she was ending the scan, baby decided to then flip and get into the position she had wanted all along- makes me wonder if it's a boy, as they never like to do what women say do they!

We then got to get two pictures and had to pay £5 for the pleasure, but it was worth it, and I cannot wait until the 20 week scan which falls on Halloween; Let's just hope I don't get a shock!

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