Saturday, 19 November 2011

My 20 AND 22 Week Scans

On Halloween of all days, was my 20 week scan.
I was incredibly nervous, because I was hoping to find out the sex so didn't want the little one to have their legs crossed!

I had a student scanner and an experienced one overseeing what she was doing. I was initially shocked by how much harder they press on the second scan, and at a couple of points I felt like if they pressed any harder my bowels would explode!

They attempted to do the measurements, and were saying that the baby was not in a great position (which is what happened in my first scan!) so after a lot of prodding and poking, they advised I would need to go take a 15 minute walk in the hopes that baby would move into a better position.

Before I went on this walk, she did ask if we wanted to know the sex, (this was where I held my breath for what felt like years!) and as soon as she zoomed in on the genitals you could see it was a boy.

I was very shocked, mainly because I have always only ever wanted girls since I was a little girl and have never found a boys name I have got excited about (yet have about 10 girls names I adore). But once I went on my walk, my mum reminded me that a boy is great for loads of reasons; He will be a great playmate for my nephew who is only 9 months older, boys love to protect their mums, and due to me and his dad being very tall, with large feet and lots of dark hair, this combination is much more likely to suit a man!

After walking and jumping about, I went back in and... the lazy bugger still had not moved. Typical bloke!
So they said I would need another scan in a couple of weeks in the hopes they could complete the measurements and possibly get a decent picture.

So two weeks later, at 8.30am on MY BIRTHDAY (no lie in for me!) we had the next scan. And guess what... he still was in a rubbish position, despite me begging him to give me a good picture for my birthday.

There were occasions where I managed to see the face though, which became the scan pic I took home, and when they measured his legs, they are not only above average, they were off the scale in length!

The thoughtful (or thoughtless) scanning lady did tell me at the end that he would have moved more if I had drank a cup of coffee before the scan. Would have been nice to know that before I dragged myself there for 8.30am!

I'm going to attempt to take a picture of the scan photo, but so far have had no luck in getting a clear enough picture to upload on here, so watch this space!

Hope you all managed to have shorter and easier scans!

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