Friday, 4 November 2011

Pregnancy Yoga DVD- My Review

Prenatal Yoga with Desi Bartlett

I got this as part of my 4-DVD fitness set, and it involves a 45 minute session aimed to relax you whilst also toning the body- both things that I desperately need at the moment!

The session begins with meditation and breathing techniques, before it goes onto a section designed to strengthen the body and increase your energy and stamina, which of course helps with the scary upcoming labour!

The meditation does feel relaxing, but I found at times the American teacher Desi was quite irritating with her quirky sayings about being at one with your child. I'm English, that soppy stuff does not wash with us! However, I still managed to push her out of my head and concentrate on my breathing, and it was a chilled experience.

The strength moves really did work my thighs and bum in particular, and did make me sweat slightly. I can always tell if a workout is worth it if I ache the next day, and my legs did feel tight for a couple of days afterwards.

There are also some postures, which to be honest I was not so good at now that my body is changing so my balance is out of sync, but it  was still fun to try!

I would recommend doing this DVD if you want something that will chill you out, but will also work some of your muscles, but will not knacker you out in the process.
And if like me you don't enjoy Desi's little positive messages, there is an option to play the workout with just music in the background...bliss!

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