Saturday, 28 January 2012

Back Pain...SUCKS!

Unfortunately this may be a ranty, moany post, because my back has been in a lot of pain during this third trimester, and I am starting to go slightly crazy!

I have been getting shooting pains on the right side of my body (the right butt cheek, leg and lower back) on and off for the whole pregnancy, but as baby (and I) have been getting bigger, the pain has been worse and more constant.

I went to the midwife, who referred me for physio, which I have now had three sessions of. It is a physiotherapist who only works with pregnant women, which is reassuring, but as you can imagine I did wait a couple of months before she saw me!

So far, she thinks I have sciatica on my right side and one of my discs is slightly popping out on my spine. NICE. She has given me a bump band for my pelvis, as it could also be viewed as Pelvic Girdle Pain, but these things just feel sooo uncoomfortable! They are ok when you stand up, but when you are seated, it feels like you are squashing your baby at times, so I have already stopped with this.

She also gave me some crutches, which went back the next week, because trying to walk around on crutches, whilst carrying a work bag or drink etc is just impossible and I looked like an idiot. Instead, I have borrowed a walking stick from my mum. Pregnancy sure makes you feel like an old woman!

I also now have tubagrip (unsure how that is spelt) that I wear over my bump and hips, and this seems to be comfortable. The physio has also been massaging my back and given me exercises to do at home when it hurts.

The pain is still there, but I have been reassured that it should a few weeks after the baby is born, so it is a case of just taking it day by day and finding ways to reduce it.

If any of you are having similar problems, I recommend being referred for physio, trying the bump bands, and taking paracetamol when the pain gets too bad.
Pillows surrounding you in the bed can also help, but to be honest I have not noticed them helping me, and they just make me sweat!

If there are any other useful tips for back pain, please comment below :)


  1. Back pain is starting to hit me too! Especially at the end of the day and then I have hip pain when I'm trying to sleep. But I'm holding out top see if it gets worse/better before I mention to talk since it's not a all day thing. Hope you're feeling better!!

  2. Doing some stretching and massages can help ease back ache. As pregnant woman, this is important for you. It’ll keep your blood circulating properly and will prevent joint pain. Find an exercise that fits for you, but make sure that this exercise will not push your body to its limit. Remember that you have a baby inside of your womb.

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