Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hello all,
This post is to apologise for my laziness in actually completing the birth story still!
The main reason, is because my little man's dad walked out on us when he was 6 weeks old, to become a drug addict (it's like something out of Eastenders!) and he has not paid a single penny towards raising this beautiful boy.

We attempted supervised contact, but unfortunately, he was inconsistent, and even stole money from my purse, so I have removed him from his life altogether.

I know some people don't agree with the theory, but I truly believe if I have to be the sole parent, providing for this child emotionally, practically and financially, why should that man think he has the right to come in and see him when he wants but not take any responsibility?

Men who don't pay for half of their child's monthly costs are not fathers in my opinion. Why should the woman have to attempt to take full responsibility for the child while the man gets to come in, be 'funtime dad' for a few hours and get away with not having to work his ass off to feed the child too?!!!?

Argh as you can tell I am still trying to get over the stress of this. I love this boy with my entire body and soul, and will do whatever it takes to get food on the table for him, so I don't understand why his father doesn't have the same natural urge to provide for him too.

So due to all this, I've not had much time or money to actually get online and complete my birth story, and now I'm starting to forget it!

Luckily my mother made some notes of what happened during my 27 hours of hell, so I will at some point soon, write it up!

I will also create a blog about parenting, as it has certainly been an experience, especially doing it all by myself!

For all you other single parents out there- much respect to you! And if any of you are male, good looking and lovely- message me haha!

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