Thursday, 26 April 2012

He's Here!

Hi All,

Well what can I say? I have been absolutely rubbish in keeping this updated for the last month, because he is finally here and I have had no time to do anything apart from feed him, change him and wish I could get some sleep!

He arrived on 25th March at 6.20am, so was exactly one week late, and weighed 8lbs 13.
I will add the detailed labour story once I have time to sit down and concentrate.

It was a traumatic birth, that involved merconium in the waters, induction (that was late as the nurses gave each other mixed messages), back to back labour, two failed epidurals, 1 small tear and 27 hours of hell. Following this, the midwives were then unsupportive, contradictory of each other and rarely ever there whilst I recovered in hospital. I basically had to fend for myself (and baby), not having a clue what to do- they don't give you a manual! I wasn't even told how to protect/clean my stitches, what to do to relieve the pain during the first wee and poo (the fear of splitting my stitches stopped me from going to the toilet for quite some time!) as well what amount of bleeding is normal and not. And they don't even give you advice on basics for the baby- how to breastfeed (they said he was latched on, but it took them 3 days to work out he was tongue tied so not getting any of the milk!), how to wrap him up in a swaddle, how often to feed him, what is a normal stool (they change colour LOADS) and more. So you can imagine what kind of nervous wreck I was in there for 3 days!

Baby was then readmitted to hospital a few days later as he lost too much weight (let's just say the hospital was AWFUL and failed to pick up on things like his tongue tie, that they should have noticed on the first day!).

Be great if people could upload their birth stories onto my comments section, as would love to compare!

I think I will start a new blog for the parenting that I am attempting to do, so will post a link on here once I have set it up!

I may now attempt to eat seeing as he is sleeping :)


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